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Features Sweden 08-02-2021

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Building communities thousands of miles away

“Working and living in Ludvika can certainly feel a bit distant for the rest of the world. But what you do here can actually have a big impact globally.”

Jens Möllberg's job as Manager Production and Field Operations is highly international. He leads the valve factory at HVDC and is also responsible for the site installations of the valves around the world. HVDC is currently building a factory in Chennai, India, where Jens is leading part of the work.

“When we build a factory, there are a lot of organizational issues that we have to deal with. Some challenges are the same for all factories, while other issues are unique to us here in Ludvika, because we are right here. That some of the conditions are the same and some are different makes it all extra fun and challenging,” he says. Being able to contribute around the world is something Jens is driven by.

“The job feels fantastic ... and important! When talking about global warming, I think many of us at the company feel that we are seeing the way forward. We are working on many of the solutions to, for example, install more renewable energy. And when you think about it when you go home, it is clear that you become happy and happy about the feeling that we contribute, for real. In any case, it alleviates climate anxiety a little bit,” he says.

Top 3 according to Jens: working in a global environment

- Develope together with others across national and language borders

- The feeling of contributing in a global format

- The opportunity and support from the company to grow in its existing role

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