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Our heritage has formed our spirit – today and in the future

Our heritage stems from our long and rich heritage of innovation - from our roots in ABB – and forerunners, Asea and BBC. Our customers value the deep insight and expertise we bring to their projects - much of which has been layered up over time.

Whilst are proud of our rich heritage and past achievements – be it ‘worlds-firsts’, ‘longest’, ‘largest’, ‘fastest, ‘highest-voltage’ etc. - the most important heritage is our company spirit, which lives on strong today. It's our permanent hunger for the next and the constant anticipation of future customer needs that continues to drive, inspire and excite us.

Gerhard Salge - Chief Technology Officer

We not only invented and pioneered many power technologies, but have since retained technology and have market leadership in many of these areas for decades. It’s because of our heritage and our pioneering DNA that we can serve our customers today and for the next century of exciting innovations – yet to be pioneered.  We are highly focused on creating value in everything we do - economic, environmental and social value – contributing to our customers’ Power Systems of the Future.

Heritage Brands

Hitachi Energy, and the many previous brand names that form part of our rich history, has a heritage of over 100 years in developing and applying leading-edge grid technologies that help the aim of customers.

Our modern-day power grid technologies are built upon the pioneering spirit of dozens of leading brands and the talented people behind them. While some names are no longer in use, their DNA remains. Here you can find a quick guide to the historic brands that have helped make Hitachi Energy the force it is today.

To get started, simply click on any of the heritage brands listed below:

Looking forward to the future...

Right from the beginning, we have always challenged ourselves to look ahead into the future in order to create the most sustainable and future-proofed solutions. Today, we bring you #Perspectives - a selection of thought-leading ideas and views relating to emerging technological trends and trending 'business of energy' hot topics that give a glimpse into the future. Authored by our top experts, along with visionary customers and influential industry partners, #Perspectives fuels is about the exchange of ideas in an open and collaborative way. Through #Perspectives, we explore unchartered territory and new ways to unlock the future potential.