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Delivering optimized design, project execution excellence and efficient operations

Partnering with you to identify and implement high-voltage renewable energy solutions

In the race toward a more sustainable, flexible and secure energy future, energy leaders, governments, industries and regulatory bodies are under immense pressure to meet ambitious sustainability targets.

In asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, mining, petrochemicals and metals, high-voltage renewable energy solutions walk a tightrope. They must ensure availability, reliability and safety while balancing demands to modernize, achieve sustainability targets, enhance operational efficiencies and maximize ROI through digital transformation.

Hitachi Energy understands that this transformation is a journey. From identifying challenges and exploring solutions to deploying technologies and managing a seamless integration, we are your trusted navigator through every twist and turn. 

Achieving reliable, sustainable high-voltage renewable integration with our grid connection, energy storage and power quality solutions

Building on more than a century of expertise and innovation, Hitachi Energy redefines high-voltage service across your operations and product life cycle. We empower you to future-proof your energy ecosystem.

By blending eco-efficiency with precision, we help you reduce your carbon footprint and seamlessly transition to sustainable alternatives. We merge the latest circuit-breaker technology with economies of scale and a streamlined process.

Discover the right solution tailored to your unique challenges. Let’s write your transformation story together.

Optimizing your investments with enhanced operational performance

As more renewable energy is added to the grid, maximizing revenues, minimizing risks, and achieving peak performance has never been more critical. Hitachi Energy is your strategic partner in achieving these goals. Through our expert consulting, meticulous planning and data-driven insights, we provide you with tools to optimize your investments and make the transition to a well monitored, flexible, adaptive grid.

Hitachi Energy can empower your organization with increased performance, enhanced process efficiency and energy optimization solutions designed for any asset-intensive industry.

Hitachi Energy solutions for high-voltage renewables

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BILBAO, SPAIN - June 19, 2016: Guggenheim Museum on June 19, 2016 in Bilbao, Spain. This and futuristic museum was designed by Frank Gehry.

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