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Latest generation of point-on-wave controllers

Controlled switching contributes to mitigating harmful electrical transients upon planned switching of capacitor banks, shunt reactors, power transformers, and power cables. The method is also gaining acceptance for re-energizing of EHV transmission lines, replacing traditional pre-insertion resistors. Since 1986, thousands of Switchsync® controllers have been delivered all over the world.

Switchsync® PWC600 is Hitachi Energy's latest generation of point-on-wave controllers, based on the well-proven Relion® platform of protection and control products. Offering the full functionality and reliability of previous Switchsync® products, it additionally includes Ethernet interfaces, which support modern communication protocols such as IEC 61850, electronic voltage and current transducers, and enhanced functionality for the user.

Switchsync® PWC600 is designed for single-pole operated circuit breakers, controlling each pole to close and/or open at the optimal point on the wave for the switched load, the circuit breaker, and power quality. It features unprecedented flexibility for switching various loads with diverse configurations, comprehensive monitoring functionality to track circuit breaker behavior and handling multiple loads connected to the same breaker. For power transformers, PWC600 can estimate the residual fluxes in the core to minimize energization transients under all switching scenarios. It compensates for variations in environmental factors and drifts in circuit breaker properties. An intuitive configuration tool including a library of Hitachi Energy circuit breakers and local and web-based user interfaces facilitate easy access to the relevant functions. The product offers waveforms and operations recording facility with time & date stamping to assist in interpreting controlled switching performance.

Hitachi Energy's high-voltage circuit breakers are well suited for controlled switching, featuring consistent operating times and steep and stable dynamic dielectric withstand capability.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Local and global support on all aspects of controlled switching technology
  • More than 35 years of domain experience and technical expertise, with thousands of Switchsync® controllers installed for various applications and environments
  • Complete controlled switching solutions where circuit breaker and controller go together, helping to resolve complex switching issues
Switchsync® PWC600
Switchsync® Controller Main Application Controls Circuit Breaker Operations Circuit Breaker Operation
State-of-the-art Switchsync® Controller with IEC 61850 compliance
PWC600 Shunt capacitor banks, shunt reactors, power transformers, power cables Open and close Single-pole

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