Neelesh Pratap Singh:
There’s a surge of opportunities for Smart Grid and its real-world applications in the present and also in the future--that is definitely going to be increased (by 10x factor) in upcoming future (next five to 10 years). Because traditional power system is not able to meet today or upcoming future demand, SEG is coming with a new idea of converting the grid which can easily solve upcoming future problems.

Maneesh Kumar:
Personally, the diversity in curriculum and course structure was the first thing that attracted my attention towards taking a chance to pursue study in SEG. The course structure design is really meeting the industrial standards and requirements for the next five years at least. Over and above that, the applications and tools that we are using for laboratory purpose are the core blocks of today’s industry solution design. 

The second thing that I paid attention to study SEG was that it is not just limited to Electrical Engineering; it is equally involving all other disciplines like Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Control & Automation etc.–so, there is a lot to learn if anyone seeks for a good learning and career as well.  

Looking from the perspective of career, SEG has got a lot more opportunities in various fields. The goals of energy transition need a lot of manpower for carrying out Research, Product & Solution development, operation & Commissioning etc. along with coming revolution is field of EVs, Energy storage, Microgrids, Renewables etc.  projects open opportunities for next 10 years in field of SEG. So, SEG is a single go thing.

K. Likhitha:
The integration of renewables, real time monitoring and keeping up with the latest technology in a smarter way, going beyond the conventional way, motivated me to pursue the study and career in SEG.

Few points that made me choose SEG: 1) As renewable energy is on the rise and the changes we should make for cleaner environment; 2) Learning something new which makes a difference in the world; 3) Dynamic changes from around the world and how the energy is used and hopefully we can bring those ideas locally. I wanted to learn more about solar energy and how to improve in that specific area.