What skills do you think are most important for a career in the energy transition?

K. Likhitha:
Technical knowledge, problem solving ability, innovation, adaptability and teamwork are the most important skills required for career in energy transition.

Pawan Sharma:
I think software skills such as ETap, PSCAD, Matlab are very helpful in providing the strong foundation of core knowledge. For instance, I used ETap software for relay coordination which can be used for real time application like the internship I did in AM/NS plant. I gathered lots of practical knowledge like load flow, short ckt analysis, numerical relay. Apart from this, I got to know about SCADA, PLC's.

Julie Das:
Mainly core knowledge is important, understanding the grid and its functionalities, the communication protocols and also some coding knowledge to work in the cybersecurity domain. 

Varshini Bhardwaj:
It is very important to understand the Different Renewable Energy Systems, Working Grid Systems, Digital World and Data Science, and different simulation applications. Since Smart Grid is transitioning from manual to automatic and our houses are turning to digital world knowledge of Coding and Trading is also important.