What are upcoming challenges you foresee in the energy transition?

K. Likhitha:
To apply and convert the theoretical knowledge to practical domain is the biggest challenge.

Sangeeta Servi:
There are various challenges such as longer-term backup capacity, grid integration, EV charging, more accurate load forecasting load regulation, stabilization under attacks, robust system required, cyber threats are one of unavoidable situation, how to recover and detect—there are various challenges, which can be solved in future.

Koushik De:
Day by day the amount of load is increasing and the nature of the load is also changing...and due to the penetration of renewables into the grid, it is becoming a challenge to schedule them properly. The grid itself should be able to control the energy transfer and to heal itself during fault—and the security of grid communication is one of the most essential part in power system now a days.

How can we make the energy pricing dynamic, the generation and integrating to the existing grid and also how can we save energy and convert completely to renewable and move towards being completely developed.

Julie Das:
For me, the main challenge will be the typical mindset of the people, who fear changes and would hesitate to shift from our conventional grid system even though they realize Smart Grid is better and reliable.