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Press Release Canada 27-05-2021

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Transmission Investments

Paving the way to a carbon-neutral future in North America

Reducing greenhouse emissions

To reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals, we need to implement large-scale carbon-free generation resources and reduce the number of internal combustion engines on our roads.

Currently, the largest hurdle for this development is modernizing the transmission grid to accommodate electrification and renewable energy generation. Investing in transmission system technology that expands the capacity to transfer energy from areas with favorable conditions for renewable energy development to major load centers and that bridges regional seams is crucial to meeting these goals. 

Despite these challenges and large financial investments, de-carbonizing society will create long-term economic, social, and health benefits for the country. As countries, governments, states, provinces and companies contemplate the benefits of moving 

forward with a decarbonization agenda, it cannot be accomplished without responsible planning and timely investment in the transmission backbone that allow that energy to flow to where it is most needed. When combined, the potential for transmission investment coupled with renewable energy development can be a powerful contributor to economic growth, job creation and prosperity. 

Download this free white paper to lean how transmission investments and grid planning can pave the way to a carbon-neutral future in North America.