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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 29-11-2020

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Alexandre Oudalov

I am proud to be Power Grids because, together with our customers, we shape the future of energy every day all around us. We spur a clean energy transition, with our people and technologies at the heart of it.

Clean, reliable and affordable energy means so much to so many people on our planet, and that makes it extremely exciting for me.  At Hitachi ABB Power Grids, we are committed to making the world energy cleaner, more reliable and affordable for all today and for future generations.   

In my everyday work, I use advanced tools and methods to model complex future energy systems.  It helps us to discover unique future regional needs and strategies to achieve a carbon neutral final energy consumption. We recommend optimal technology mixes and operational strategies along this journey which can take decades to accomplish. There is no forecast anywhere that does not envision electric energy demand to grow and electricity to become a backbone of the future energy mix.

As part of an organization aiming to shape a carbon-neutral world, I am privileged and proud to work together and interact with our experts from all over the world, explore and appreciate other cultures. It thrills me to see people with complementary know-how come together for the common objective towards sustainable society.  

With electricity as backbone of our energy system, Power Grids will surely unlock a great potential of creating new social value propositions to tackle a big environmental challenge.