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The complexities of today’s counterparty credit risks for utility and energy companies have never been so intricate and all-encompassing and the risks associated with credit exposure have never been higher. Counterparty and Credit exposure is often managed on disparate software solutions or spreadsheets exposing companies to operational risks associated with managing credit exposure. The risks are mostly associated with de-centralized counterparty, contract and credit information and exposure.

Without a centralized single aggregated view of counterparty and credit exposure, it is difficult to manage and discern real exposure while seeking trade opportunities with counterparties. Our solution allows companies to manage counterparties, contracts, and credit risk in one centralized location.

Developed by experienced industry professionals, our ETRM product TRMTracker’s credit risk management solution will easily integrate and complement your existing environments. Our credit solution will allow you to monitor and manage credit risks at a lower cost of ownership and manage credit related data from diverse IT environments in a seamless manner.



  • Manage Counterparties
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Credit Information
  • Interface with multiple systems for counterparty and contract data
  • Incident Management
  • Credit Scores
  • Centralized Exposure Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Manage Margin Calls
  • Advanced Risk Metrics: Credit Value at Risk (CVaR), Potential Future Exposure (PFE)
  • Ease of use and deployment
  • Configurable workflow that allows automation of processes
  • Configurable alerts with flexible notification abilities
  • Data extension capabilities on Counterparty and Contracts
  • Document generation, attachment and search capabilities
  • Contemporary web-based technology with mobile application
  • Robust reporting
  • Excel integration
  • Robust security

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