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The powerful functionality and information provided by the base TRMTracker can be leveraged in an operational mode to increase efficiency as well as simplify for real time use. The detail and complexity of forward based activity can be overwhelming to manage in the multi-constrained world of power operations and even more so in the real time space. 

PowerTracker and the specific tools it provides for power uses that information gathered from all the prior trading and provides it manageable sets of information. The tools allow for planning, dispatch costing and management of tagging from the large population of accumulated deals into easy to handle views of that data.



  • Projected dispatch costs
  • Projected fuel burn volumes
  • Unit availability tracking
  • What-If evaluations of proposed deals
  • Decision Support
  • Simplified matching of e-tags to deals
  • Automatic identification of deal scheduling/tagging status
  • Utilization of e-tag information for ease of identifying associated deals
  • Provides overview of generation capacity at a glance
  • Simple aggregation of demands against the generation
  • Reserve identification and planning for compliance and transaction opportunity
  • Continuous and consistent planning across real time shifts
  • Management oversight

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