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Pioneer Solutions' RECTracker provides a comprehensive solution that automates end-to-end REC tracking and management processes, from generation to assignment and retirement. RECTracker is designed to facilitate enterprise-wide inventory tracking, trading and compliance supporting multiple jurisdictions and RECs tracking systems for various mandatory and voluntary compliance markets.

The solution minimizes financial and regulatory risks while automating comprehensive trading, tracking, accounting, compliance and management processes related to RECs. With this advanced configurable technology, RECTracker provides a leading-edge, seamlessly integrated enterprise platform for mitigating financial and regulatory risks within your organization.

Serving some of the largest utilities and energy companies across the globe, our web-based architecture can easily model unique and challenging business requirements and automate business processes. Our proven modular technology allows us to deliver specific modules or an entire comprehensive enterprise solution. This configurable template and workflow driven architecture facilitates rapid deployment ensuring a quality on-time delivery.



  • Flexible book structure and jurisdiction rule setup
  • User-defined tracking, compliance and accounting book structures
  • User-defined renewable resources and user-defined RECs valuation models
  • Price management for RECs from different sources
  • Price management RECs valuation
  • RECs and other environmental products trading
  • Assignment of RECs to mandatory and voluntary compliance markets
  • Invoice check-out and reconciliation
  • Automatic adjustment entries
  • Multiple accounting types
  • Inventory and position reporting
  • Exposure and settlement reporting
  • OLAP cube reporting capability
  • Journal entry and other accounting reports
  • Interface with meter data systems
  • Various import/export formats
  • Support for your current architecture or infrastructure
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