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TRMTracker - Commodities/Energy Trading Risk Management Software

Voted "Top 3 ETRM System" by clients and peers, the "TRMTracker" is based on FARRMS advanced architecture and is a complete energy trading and risk management software solution that is changing the energy trading marketplace with its web-based comprehensive energy and commodity trading & risk management (ETRM-CTRM) software features. 

TRMTracker is an ideal solution to support enterprises involved in trading the following commodities: 

  • Power
  • Natural Gas
  • LNG
  • Oil Products and NGLs
  • Soft Commodities
  • Coal
  • Metal and Other

Built from the back-office forward, TRMTracker features the most comprehensive back-office functionality available in the energy trading and risk management space with its advanced formula-driven settlement and billing engine including the top-rated derivative hedge accounting automation module available.

FARRMS' template and formula-driven architecture require no coding to configure and maintain thus lowering the total cost of ownership while increasing the longevity of the platforms' ability to meet current and future demands. This organically built, work-flow driven architecture supports the straight-through processing of deals from deal capture to risk management, scheduling, settlement, and accounting processing.


  • Single Entry Deal Capture Flows Through Deal's Entire Lifecycle
  • Template-Based Deal Entry
  • User-Defined or Pre-Populated Fields for Deal Creation
  • Deal Valuation
  • Robust Price Curve Management
  • Capture Simple or Complex Transactions
  • Analyze Value-at-Risk (VaR) of Multiple Portfolios Using Different VaR Strategies
  • Easily Verify and Confirm Transactions
  • Business Intelligence OLAP Reporting and Robust Report Writer
  • Perform "What-If" Analysis and Stress Testing on Portfolios
  • Integrates With External Pricing Feeds to Support Price Curves
  • MTM Analysis Using Different Price Curve Sources
  • Robust Limit Management
  • Define and Monitor Multiple Trader and Credit Limits (i.e. Position, Tenor, Counterparty, VaR, and more)
  • Enterprise Risk Metrics Include Cashflows at Risk, Earnings at Risk, PFE, TPE and More

TRMTracker, is a proven energy trading and risk management software platform that provides comprehensive settlement and accounting functionality. Contract administrators can maintain all agreements with simple or complex charge types. The settlement process uses these agreements and transaction data to calculate estimated and final settlements. Invoices can be created based on templates and tracked within TRMTracker.

TRMTracker includes compliance reporting capability to produce REMIT, EMIR, and MIFiD2 reports in the format ready for submission to the authorized Trading Repositories.

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