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Braking Energy Recuperation Systems

Hitachi Energy now offers DC traction substations with braking energy recuperation capabilities.

This allows energy to be recovered from braking trains. What would otherwise happen is that any energy that cannot be passed to a nearby, accelerating, train would be dissipated and lost through resistors. Returning this energy to the medium-voltage network is one way to recover this energy. Another way, also offered by Hitachi Energy, involves an energy storage system. Hitachi Energy energy recuperation systems are available for the standardized traction voltages of 750 V and 1500 V and can be used in urban transport systems, suburban and mainline railways.

In addition to the ability to recover braking energy, the energy recuperation systems also offer other important functionalities, such as:

  • Power factor correction
  • Harmonic filtering

Hitachi Energy is able to offer a complete substation including design, the typica DC traction power supply equipment, installation, commissioning and, of course, the power electronics for “reverse feeding”, known as ENVILINE™ ERS. Alternatively, Hitachi Energy can install these systems into existing substations and assume system responsibility for the retrofit works.

Other products from Hitachi Energy's ENVILINE™ family include: 

  • Energy storage systems type ENVILINE™ ESS 
  • Ensured track receptivity ENVINLINE™ EDS 

In addition, Hitachi Energy extensive experience of traction systems coupled with special modelling tools allows us to help our customers choose the best location and rating for energy recuperation systems.


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