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Hitachi Energy has many years of experience in engineering and developing dedicated transformers for special applications. Working as a partner with our customers to ensure we satisfy their needs and provide optimal solutions where there are special operating or site conditions which require the creation of special designs. In addition, Hitachi Energy has broad experience in developing transformers for many special and demanding applications with extensive routine requirements and/or project specific demands.

Hitachi Energy transformers are designed to be robust and compact, to reduce losses, and operate in harsh environments where vibration, salt, sand, dust, 100 percent humidity and high pressure are commonplace. Global manufacturing capabilities and class leading design criteria make ABB transformers unique for all applications.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Quality can never be achieved by checks and controls alone, which is why Hitachi Energy has built-in embedded quality procedures in the transformer production
  • Hitachi Energy transformers are suitable for operation and installation in all environments and locations
  • Our transformers are designed with high efficiency, safety, environmental friendliness and superior operational reliability incorporated as standard

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