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TXplore™ internal transformer inspection robot

Power transformers have complex internal systems that degrade over time. As a consequence, it may be necessary to inspect the internal components for signs of abnormal operation. Hitachi Energy's TXplore™ accomplishes an internal inspection examining the structure of the transformer without the need to remove the oil and send an inspector into the confined space of a power transformer.

Using the TXplore™ system avoids the danger of a spill when handling the oil and risk of sending someone inside the transformer to perform an inspection. This can be accomplished during a very brief outage versus conventional inspections that require multiple days. Also, a significant cost savings is accomplished by avoiding the oil handling and processing equipment needed to remove the oil and reprocess and fill the transformer when a traditional internal inspection is complete.

TXplore™ service can be scheduled ahead of time to take advantage of a planned outage with little or no increased downtime. It is also possible to deploy the service team to perform an inspection when unexpected issues are encountered.

Product scope

  • Use on any oil-filled power transformer
  • Compatible with mineral or ester fluids
  • Eliminates the risk of a person entering the confined space environment
  • Inspection can begin immediately after taking an outage
  • Significant reduction in outage time
  • No, or very little, oil needs to be handled
  • Eliminates the need for a confined space rescue team

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Near real time images are available to Hitachi Energy transformer experts
  • As issues are identified, experts from around the world can provide diagnostic support
  • A report is provided to customers when issues place the transformer at risk with solutions to improve reliability
  • Unknown condition is identified with high quality images and expert review

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