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AC bushings type EasyDry (DMB-OA)

Hitachi Energy is continuously striving for new, innovative solutions to meet our customers’ application needs. The continuous and determined work on research and development, involving the profound knowledge of the unique R&D global network, enables us to provide you with state-of-the-art dry bushing technology: EasyDry high voltage transformer oil-air bushings.

This modern bushing technology sets new standards regarding quality, reliability, safety and lead time.

The EasyDry bushing family fits optimally into our product portfolio of environmental friendly and high quality components for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

In general, the aim of electrical utilities is to achieve increasingly efficient performance of their assets in addition to the ambitious targets of improved availability, higher safety standards and cost reduction. EasyDry bushing makes a valuable contribution to achieving better overall performance figures.

The EasyDry standard line will be the right choice when equipping your next transformer. Here we will tell you why.

Product scope

Voltage: 24 - 245 kV
Current: ≤ 2,500 A
Technology: Resin impregnated synthetic (RIS)

Why EasyDry bushings

  • Easy to use, maintenance-free
    • EasyDry is maintenance- and inspection-free
    • Installation and transportation is possible at any angle
  • Superb design, reliable performance
    • EasyDry bushings utilize only materials which are moisture resistant, making bushing storage and transportation much easier and practical
    •  Easy handling and installation of the bushing thanks to the reduced number of components
    • Single-piece terminal without joints guarantees low resistance current path
    • One-piece, direct-molded silicone insulator provides superior moisture and contamination resistance
  • Oil- and paper-free bushing, highest operational safety
    • EasyDry bushings are explosion-proof since they are oil- and pressure-free
    • The EasyDry bushing’s core material makes it fire-resistant
    • Hydrophobic, non-shattering silicone insulator with outstanding contamination performance
  • Excellent electrical and thermal properties
    • Partial discharge-free up to double service voltage
    • High thermal endurance (class E, 120 °C)
    • Low dielectric losses (tan δ < 0.35 %)
  • Environmental friendly
    • The materials are selected to provide the lowest possible environmental impact over the whole product life cycle
    • Lower carbon footprint than other bushing technologies

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