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Distribution transformer repairs

Distribution transformers ranging from 315 kVA to 5 MVA are readily distributed across the distribution networks, forming an integral part of the overall distribution network. Upon receipt of the transformer in the factory for repair, a visual and electrical control will be performed.

Based on the scope of work and repairs generally, the repair time for the distribution is short and in some cases, it could be between 3-5 weeks. In some cases it may require replacing items that are not normally stock items, in those cases, the lead times are adjusted after reviewing with the customer.


Scope of work

The transformer is inspected on arrival to determine the course of action and what rehabilitative actions should be performed. This can include an electrical condition assessment and visual inspection of the transformer tank, expansion tank, radiators, and fans and internal cleaning and inspection of the same.

Depending on the size and the inspection, intervention of active parts, including the repair of minor insulation damage, can be performed. Service on accessible parts such as the tap changer, bushings, oil handling, drying the active part, and necessary tests are performed before returning the unit back to the customer.

Power transformer repairs

Few transformers fail due to old age per se, but rather as a consequence of external faults, short circuit faults, insulation failure (dielectric failure), local overheating (causing gassing) or accessory failure (e.g. bushings, tap changers, coolers, surge-arresters).

On-site repairs

Thanks to our TrafoSiteRepair offering we can refurbish, repair or upgrade your transformer directly at site avoiding transportation risk and time thus bringing your unit back on-line in weeks or even months faster than a workshop repair or a new transformer delivery.


Repairing a transformer instead of replacing it can substantially reduce investment costs and provide a faster turnaround than buying a new transformer.

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