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Hitachi Energy – Antecipando um futuro energético sustentável para todos

Hitachi Energy –Sustainable energy future for all

Estamos a fazer avançar o sistema energético mundial para sermos mais sustentáveis, flexíveis e seguros. Como líder pioneiro tecnológico, colaboramos com clientes e parceiros para que possamos ter um futuro energético mais sustentável - para as gerações de hoje e para as vindouras.  

We deliver significant customer value with real impact.

A city begins to use more lights in the early evening
Interconnecting regions, countries and continents
remote island with solar and wind energy microgrid system
Delivering reliable energy to cities and remote communities
Two kids talking and walking on a street
Managing energy complexity and enabling smart life through digitalization

Humanising Energy

Discover the people, passion and technology behind the energy transition

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We develop and deliver cutting-edge core technologies with our Grid Automation, Grid Integration, High Voltage Products and Transformers business units complemented by co-creation with customers and partners.