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Data Centers

At Hitachi Energy, our goal is to provide smart, safe and sustainable power solutions for data centers. We have been providing industrial power and automation solutions for more than 100 years. 

A sustainable energy future is in your control


Bridging the gap between the grid and the data center

Our global footprint ensures that we can provide you with the local support that is essential to building new facilities at multiple sites. Benefit from our unprecedented expertise in optimizing the design of the grid connection in the very early phases of your project.

360° life cycle services

Benefit from Services for optimized design, operation and maintenance through early engagement

Fast-track deployments

Add capacity as fast as possible by building new facilities at multiple sites or though data center expansion.


Growth in datacenter traffic over 3 years


Years of experience with data centers

The journey to Net Zero data centers: Multiple pathways all start with a single step

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Integrated sustainable data Center solutions

From project feasibility through design and delivery up to operation, Hitachi Energy offers energy data center solutions throughout the life cycle of the data center.


Smart and sustainable solutions help customers drive toward carbon negative operations.


Green and modular design options reduce project footprint and support faster deployment.

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A Data Center Dynamics panel discussion

News & Events

Stay up to date with the latest data center news, events and webinars. Discover how Hitachi Energy is leveraging digitalization to optimize energy platforms across utilities, industry and transport infrastructure.

Customer Success Stories

From safer transformers and smart substation automation to modular sustainable substation designs, we are helping customers meeting their challenges. 

Want to learn more how we can help you with your data center project?