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Features Zurich, Switzerland 11-07-2019

2 min read

New configurator with augmented reality feature contributes to increase in capacitors and filters market share

Enhancing productivity and efficiency in the sales and installation proces

CapDes, the new augmented reality (AR) configurator for capacitors and filters is helping to improve the speed and quality of the sales tendering process, empowering the sales team to find solutions to customers requirements.

The configurator has unique features that allow generation of optimized capacitor designs, quick and correct documentation and tenders, as well as calculation of costs.

CapDes configurator generates optimized capacitor designs, creates 3D models and calculates cost automatically within 1 day. This means a more cost-efficient solution and frees up time to to work on up to 5 times more projects within the same duration. The cost of the solutions can be reduced by 10% giving access to previously cost competitive markets.

Harnessing digitalization to create value for customers

Using AR, customers can see a full-scale 3D design of the capacitor bank on site. It allows the customers to measure the footprint, visualize design and provide inputs for quick decision-making.

CapDes also provides clear visualization and sequential guidance for assembly of the capacitor bank, allowing contractors and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies higher accuracy in the estimation of installation costs. It is estimated that augmented reality and supporting 3D models have average cost impact of upto 10% on the total offer cost for the customer. It also reduces the risk of errors by contractors during the actual installation phase leading to higher productivity and efficiency.

Development for the configurator is ongoing, with possibility to make CapDes with AR available to customers enabling after-sales support.