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Features Oman 28-02-2022

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Hitachi Energy collaborates with MISCO in Oman in delivering reliable and robust power grid solutions

Reliable and robust power grid solutions

Hitachi Energy understands that developing and deploying their technology and solutions, combined with their expertise, contributes to long-term customer value creation and a real and positive human impact. 

In 2019, Hitachi Energy provided an 85 Mvar SVC Light to MISCO with great success. During the two years since commissioning, MISCO has been able to operate state of the art electric arc furnace and lattle furnace with great power quality.  From the inception of the project, MISCO steel’s team worked together with the Hitachi Energy team in ensuring the requirements for the project were accurate for the successful execution and completion.

Moon Iron & Steel Company SAOC (MISCO) is a front runner in Oman’s Iron & Steel landscape with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of high-grade Reinforcement bars (Re-bars). The steel plant is based out of Sohar, the industrial hub and port city of northern Oman, strategically located between Muscat and Dubai.

“The installed SVC Light technology has helped to support our weak grids and to improve the performance under varying grid conditions. The Hitachi Energy technology solution has also enabled strong flicker reduction from the steel plant”, says Praveen Kumar GK, Electrical Engineer, MISCO Steel.

The SVC Light solution is a grid stabilization solution. It enables the smooth integration of renewable energy into the world’s rapidly evolving energy system. Like a Static Var Compensator (SVC), the STATCOM instantly and continuously provides variable reactive power in response to voltage transients, supporting the stability of grid voltage.  The use of these powerful components means the STATCOM`s footprint can be extremely small, and Hitachi Energy has branded this high-performance STATCOM concept SVC Light®. The STATCOM also enables improvements in power quality in heavy industries like steel-making. 

“Based on the success of this project, Hitachi Energy is proud to collaborate further with MISCO, where we have good installed base, and it would be great if we can extend it beyond the SVC Light into further powering one of the steel leaders in Oman. Our commitment is to help our customers and industry partners transition toward a carbon-neutral energy future – a commitment that it has outlined in its Sustainability 2030 strategic plan. This project is a true example of our strong commitment to being customer-centric and committed to building trusting, long-term partnerships’” says Emil Eriksson, System Design Engineer at Grid and Power Quality Solutions (GPQS), a business unit within Hitachi Energy.

“We are collaborating with customers and partners on developing such an energy system of the future with carbon-neutrality as a target. By working together and by building on our strengths, we can deliver intelligent solutions to MISCO supporting their needs and advancing a sustainable energy future for all.” comments Ammar Naji, Country Sales Director, Hitachi Energy in Oman.

Hitachi Energy will continue investing in the evolution of the energy system and supporting the different needs of customers such as MISCO, in helping the sustainable development of societies and industries.


Shubhadha Sujith
Shubhadha Sujith

Head of Communications,

Middle East and Africa, South America and South Korea