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Generator circuit-breaker HECS for 80-130 kA

Highest installed base in the world

The wide range of ratings with short circuit current from 80 to 130 kA and rated current of up to 23,000 A makes HECS the most used GCB in the world for generators up to 800 MW. The complete range of HECS is naturally cooled and its reliability is proven by over 2,000 installations worldwide since 2003.

It has the lowest lifecycle cost with up to 20,000 CO no-load operations or 20 years between main overhauls.

With smaller and standardized dimensions, HECS is easy to install and highly suitable for replacements and retrofits.

The 3-phase system includes circuit-breaker, disconnector, capacitors and control cubicle, and offers wide selection of additional components such as earthing and starting switches, current and voltage transformers, and surge arresters. It is delivered fully assembled to minimize the installation and commissioning time on site.


  • All type of power plants up to 800 MW

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Fully natural cooling
  • High mechanical endurance to minimize the lifecycle costs
  • High reliability supported by a long and worldwide reference list
  • Fully type tested according to the IEEE C37.013, the worldwide GCB standard
Available options:

Brief performance data

System Type HECS-80 HECS-100 HECS-130
Rated maximum voltage [kV] 23 25.3 25.3
Rated frequency [Hz] 50 / 60 50 / 60 50 / 60
Rated power frequency withst. [kV] 60 / (80) 60 / (80) 60 / (80)
Rated lightning impulse withst. [kV] 125 / (150) 125 / (150) 125 / (150)
Rated short-circuit breaking current [kA] 80 100 130
HECS with 50 Hz      
Rated normal current [A] S: up to 8,500    
Rated normal current [A] M: up to 10,500 up to 10,500  
Rated normal current [A] L:   up to 13,000 up to 13,000
Rated normal current [A] Lplus:   up to 14,500 up to 14,500
Rated normal current [A] XLp:   up to 18,000 up to 18,000
Rated normal current [A] XXLp:     up to 23,000
HECS with 60 Hz      
Rated normal current [A] S: up to 8,000    
Rated normal current [A] M: up to 10,000 up to 10,000  
Rated normal current [A] L:   up to 12,000 up to 12,000
Rated normal current [A] Lplus:   up to 13,700 up to 13,700
Rated normal current [A] XLp:   up to 17,100 up to 17,100
Rated normal current [A] XXLp:     up to 21,700

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