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Hitachi Energy's power transformers are key components in power networks. Their availability and longevity have a major impact on grid reliability and profitability. Hitachi Energy does not compromise on quality. We ensure that every one of our 20,000 delivered units has undergone rigorous full-acceptance testing. 

Hitachi Energy offers a complete range of power transformers and related components and parts. We have delivered more than 20,000 power transformers (over 2,600 GVA), including over twenty 800 kV UHVDC and over five hundred 735 - 765 kV AC units, to all major global markets. 

Our entire range is the result of our own research, development and manufacturing, which makes us unique in the industry. This has given us extensive experience in every relevant part of power transformer technology. Customers worldwide can securely rely on the quality and reliability of our products.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Pioneering technology – best short circuit record in the industry
  • Industry leading ‘Mean Time Between Failure Rate (MTBF)’
  • The complete customer service package (from quotation to energization)

Our Solutions

 EconiQ™ Transformers

EconiQ™ Transformers

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future

TXpert™ Enabled digital power transformer

TXpert™ Enabled digital power transformer Control your future With changing energy sources and usage, reliable power is more important than ever – and this is exactly what the TXpert™ Enabled digital power transformer delivers.


A rupture resistant transformer solution

Transformers for floating applications

Transformers for floating applications

Floating substations and wind turbines are best, for deep waters. Hitachi Energy offers a full offshore wind transformer portfolio for floating applications.

DC Mitigator

Hitachi Energy introduces the DC Mitigator, an innovative and effective solution that efficiently suppress DC-currents and improve the grid's quality.

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Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, Dry-type and EconiQ™ Transformers as well as services, for industrial and commercial applications.

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