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Whether a utility, infrastructure owner or from industry the challenges around the world are very similar. Ageing assets, rising energy demand, ensuring maximum uptime and ensuring resilient and sustainable power are faced by most business that need to connect, use or move electricity at scale.

In this fast changing environment, asset owners and managers need to continually adapt, upgrade and evolve their power system technologies. up with past challenges to produce, transmit, distribute and deliver electrical power in a reliable, safe and secure way.

Our team of expert Consultants and Advisory Engineers provide performance assessment and improvement studies. These services help you understand the lifecycle status of your equipment and identify ways to improve the reliability, availability and security of your power system assets.

We can assist you in identifying critical equipment and how to minimize risks. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the condition of your system. The assessment is an objective basis for de-risking decisions, helping you to develop a sustainable long-term strategy, helping you to plan in advance, budget for maintenance and achieve a long term reliable system.

Why Hitachi Energy
  • A global support network with extensive experience, Hitachi Energy offers consultant services to support individual maintenance strategies based on the condition of the equipment.
  • Hitachi Energy's service experts can provide assessment to define measures to be taken for lowering the risk of failure, lower operational costs and enhancing safety.
  • With our Condition Based Maintenance program, control maintenance costs can be optimized while achieving highly reliable power delivery.
  • With screening, capital expenditure can be steered to units most in need, and the investment plan can be evaluated for different service options in a pre-set time frame.

RelCare is where future of service comes to life

RelCare is an open and transparent digital partnership agreement that combines asset management software with the expertise of Hitachi Energy.

With a Hitachi Energy Service Agreement, individual services are bundled into a tailor-made contract. The contract can cover a single service, support for the lifecycle of a product or take over maintenance management.

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