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Digitalization and Analytics Consulting​

Making digital a real driver of value and impact​

The power system is in the midst of a fast-paced transformation and digital has rapidly become a fundamental in enabling the integration of distributed and renewable sources as well as managing the increasing complexity of the evolving grid.​

Our digitalization and analytics consulting brings together cutting-edge technology understanding and our deep knowledge and experience in established energy sector technologies throughout the whole Power System value chain.​

We provide consulting and advice at all stages of your digital journey from how to best gather data in a way that is connected, harmonized and optimized to the analysis, actionable insights and interaction with data including AI, analytics and asset management solutions.​

Combined with other services like contingency simulations and an analysis of network connections and alternate sources, Hitachi Energy can help increase optimal use of your assets and resources.

Our digitalization consulting includes the following areas:​​

  • Big Data Analysis​

  • Power Quality

  • Smart Development

  • Centralization and integration of asset data

  • Monitoring and control of system health​
  • System planning and risk analyses
  • Condition management and maintenance prioritization
  • Advice on investment decisions​