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Upgrade and Recycling Services​

At Hitachi Energy, we understand the need to maximise the investments you have made in your existing assets and plants. We also know that the power system is evolving rapidly, digitalizing, becoming for flexible and sustainable. Large scale replacement is typically not feasible for most businesses and upgrades are an essential approach.​

Being proactive and planning an upgrade is far better than passively waiting for a breakdown. Today, however, the leading reason for upgrade is to support the energy transition and ensure existing assets can become more sustainable and environmentally efficient.​

We provide consulting and services to help you navigate the best pathway to upgrading to fit your specific objectives. Based on many years of experience from complex installations, our services will help you to evolve or upgrade the installation to the next generation, to extend system lifetime, to improve availability and reliability and to avoid being outdated.​

When upgrading is not feasible, we can help to safely dispose and recycle your aged equipment. A key focus area of our service group is in providing the most advanced methods to minimize the end of life environmental impact of all OEM assets.​

For example, to support old equipment or cylinders filled with SF6, we offer SF6 Gas Management Support for the handling and management of the gas in an environmentally friendly environment. And you can safely dispose and recycle your aged transformer and install matching design replacement with our packaged service solution TX Life Replace.

Why Hitachi Energy?
  • The preliminary survey performed by an expert service engineer will assess the conditions and relevant equipment, in order to recommend the best suitable solution.​

  • We are a full system provider for extension solutions, from proposal and design, through manufacturing and testing to installation and commissioning of the project.​

  • Our upgrade and retrofit capabilities provide new or better than new operating performance.​

  • We can advise on where life extension programs are eligible for CapEx funding.​
  • Resources to environmentally manage and dispose of decommissioned equipment or non-functioning components.​
  • Patented Hitachi Energy technology (2012 Banksia Environmental Award winner of Clean Technology) to restore the impure SF6 back to 99.99% purity level.​