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Control & Protection

Join the Control & Protection Team at HVDC

Every day is an opportunity to do something different and to make a difference. We believe in creating a sustainable and reliable energy system for societies and people around the globe. This is our passion that we have been working towards for over 60 years.

We work with control technology, electronics and semiconductor topologies in the absolute forefront, to which we add our vast HVDC specific control and protection competence to build customized HVDC system solutions and meet our customers’ needs.

My work enables me to learn, innovate and implement new ideas daily

Aditya, Project Engineer

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Manager Software Integration IT​

Manager - Control & Protection Software Integration

Control & Protection Lead Engineer

Project Manager for HVDC Control & Protection

IT/Cyber Security Engineer​

Hardware Design Engineer​

Project Engineer

Test Engineer

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In Control & Protection solutions for HVDC we design, test and commission the power system solution and applications that will enable a sustainable and reliable electricity supply for societies and people around the globe. Our HVDC delivery comprising of control and protection applications, system hardware and infrastructure make it possible to connect offshore wind power, stabilize weak grids and offer black start capabilities, connect energy systems over long distances and create a robust electricity grid prepared for the future.

In our diverse workplace, we believe success is possible only by the dedication, teamwork and competence of our people. Knowing this means we focus on personal development over a whole career at Hitachi Energy. The broad scope enables our engineers to either become a specialist or generalist, depending on personal choice, and trying different roles and tasks is encouraged, in order to grow together on our journey towards a sustainable energy future.