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Product Release Vaasa, Finland 26-08-2020

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2020-08-26 Release MicroSCADA X SYS600C 4.10

We are happy to announce that the SYS600C 4.10 now is released

This version is delivered with the new software SYS600 10, including the new operator user interface Workplace X. The hardware is the same as in version 4.94.  

New Features

The product comes with SYS600 10.1 software preinstalled.

Please see the release notes for SYS600 10.0 and SYS600 10.1 for more information about the new features and improvements in the software.

The product can be ordered with two operating system variants: Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10. It is recommended to use Windows Server 2019 in all situations except if the LON PCLTA card must be used. Windows 10 is the 32Bit version due to compatibility with the PCLTA card and this version is limiting the capacity of the SYS600 software. Windows 10 can only utilize a small part of the system memory (RAM) and therefore the system capacity guidelines of the Product Guide do not apply to the Windows 10 version.


SYS600C 4.10 is ordered through the MicroSCADA X Sales Configurator where other MicroSCADA X products are configured and ordered.

To read all about this release, click here.