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Medium-voltage capacitors and filters

Improving the performance, quality and efficiency of electrical systems

Capacitors are very beneficial in power networks. They provide the reactive power needed by electrical motors, transformers, etc. This increases the transmission capacity and reduces losses thanks to higher power factors. They enable the power factor targets of the utilities to be met.

Capacitors are also a key component in various filter solutions that reduce harmonic content. They reduce the risk of disturbances in production processes, metering errors and malfunctioning of relay protection. This extends the service life of connected equipment.

Our product offering for medium-voltage reactive power and filtering applications is shown on this page.

Why Hitachi Energy?

Both utilities and industry can benefit from Hitachi Energy capacitors, in form of:

  • Grid compliance
  • Reduction of electricity expenses
  • Increase in plant capacity
  • Higher productivity 
  • Enhanced asset utilization
  • Lower network losses and CO2 emissions
  • Voltage stability
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