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Customer Success Story

EDF Renewable Energy


Delivering the comprehensive, national data required for energy development projects

The client

EDF Renewable Energy (EDF RE), a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles, is a leading United States (US) independent power producer with over 30 years of experience in originating, developing, building and managing power-related projects.

The challenge

Every well-planned and executed business venture is built on a foundation of accurate data. For energy-related projects, acquiring that data is challenging. There is a wealth of publicly-available data sources available, but gathering and bringing that data together in a coherent way is difficult and time consuming. Faced with the need to continually acquire data for new projects in locations across North America and use that data for network modeling, EDF RE decided to seek out a ready-made data source.

Customer Highlights

Velocity Suite gives us the ability to take our basic data file model results and present them visually on a geographic map, providing an actual picture of the transmission system topology. This functionality is especially useful in unfamiliar regions.

– Justin Radl, P.E., Commercial Transmission & Analytics Manager at EDF Renewable Energy


The solution for EDF RE was Velocity Suite, a modular, integrated solution that provides investment-grade analytics across energy-related commodities. Velocity Suite aggregates enhances and analyzes publicly-available data and delivers it in ways that make it readily accessible to users.

With Velocity Suite, EDF RE has instant access to data from across the continent.

Velocity Suite enables users to overlay their model data on a collection of geographic information system (GIS) layers. Transmission and generation organizations tend to guard information about the location of their assets. Hitachi Energy went through the painstaking process of accumulating detailed location information of the transmission and generation network and assets for all North America. That geographical information is critically important to people developing renewable assets.