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harzenergie & hitachienergy esd500
Customer Success Story

Harz Energie Netz GmbH successfully implemented Hitachi Energy Wired Comms solutions

Enabling the intelligent energy grid with mission-critical communication infrastructures

An existing distribution utilities customer, Harz Energie Netz GmbH, supplying 290,000 people with electricity, natural gas, and drinking water, required a cost-efficient and swift strategy to migrate legacy technology to a newer, more innovative solution that not only overcame existing technology limitations but also enhanced their network security. 


Harz Energie Netz GmbH was facing a set of challenges but most notable were limitations imposed by used and aging technology and products reaching end-of-life status.

Therefore, a cost-efficient and swift solution was needed, capable to migrate technology from the legacy one to the most innovative ones, while overcoming technology limitations and enhancing network security and manageability. 


The chosen solution for Harz Energie Netz GmbH requirements was the EDS500 communications series.

EDS500 is known for bringing a wide variety of benefits to the customer’s grid connectivity. These mission-critical communication products cover an extremely large geographical area through its fiber optic and copper (DSL) long reach as well as copper-based communication, which also serves remote locations that are part of its wide utility network.  

Indeed, by connecting copper (SHDSL) and fiber optics infrastructure with the same device, it is possible to provide a seamless transition from copper to fiber optics.

Moreover, EDS500 predictive failure notification helps to convert unplanned downtime into plannable maintenance, reduces maintenance and service outage costs and improves asset health. Reliability and simplicity of connection are enabled by modern SCADA Protocols as well as web-based approaches, command line interface, SNMP, Syslog, as well as human-readable configuration files that can be easily adapted.

As part of their ongoing network expansion, they have complemented the EDS500 with an external fleet management tool to essentially ‘control’, ‘monitor’, and ‘update’ the product in the network. Fleet management allows for a stronger firmware update and visibility of all devices while enhancing better reporting activity. 


By incorporating the EDS500 into their operations, Harz Energie Netz GmbH has not only benefitted from securely migrating over from legacy technology, but they have also been able to promote:

·       Operational efficiency

·       Up-to-date cybersecurity

·       Consistent and reliable network availability

·       Guaranteed working capability within harsh environments

·       Comprehensive fleet management

The long lifecycle of these data communication devices averages from 15 – 20 years, helping to reduce costs and requiring reduced maintenance.


Looking ahead to the future

Hitachi Energy and Harz Energie Netz GmbH have had a longstanding and collaborative partnership. As they look to their future network expansion plans, they are well-equipped to continue building and optimizing their entire distribution network through mission-critical solutions.

“We are completely satisfied with Hitachi Energy’s products and services which is one of the reasons we approached them for a solution to this concern of ours. Not only do they provide comprehensive functions at a fair price, but their ongoing development means that their products are always technologically up to date.