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Reshaping the role of Distribution Utilities amid the energy transition

Electricity will be the backbone of our future energy system. In order to reach Paris Agreement targets, the way our world operates today will need to move away from traditional fossil fuels and towards electrification. Three building blocks are stacking up to deliver this carbon-neutral electric future: connecting larger volumes of renewables, electrifying transportation, building and industrial sectors and introducing sustainable energy carriers. We already see solar PV as a prevailing distributed energy resource, as it is placed on every possible building and close to demand.

For Distribution System Operators (DSOs), the mission is clear: provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity access for the communities they serve.

Key topics we will address in this session:

  • How will DSOs redefine their business models and lead in the energy transition – providing new, flexible services and investing in advanced assets.
  • The critical role that DSOs play to always keep power quality stable – balancing volatile demand and supply while avoiding congestion.
  • Which technology investments and digital solutions will equip DSOs with the best tools to respond to unexpected changes today and in the future?
  • Where are countries seeing the most success?
  • Expected developments ahead for DSOs.

Join us as we address the above topics with experts across the industry.


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