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Customer Success Story

Asmunti - Finland

Series Capacitors for increased power transmission capacity in the Finnish 400 kV grid

Hitachi Energy has installed two series capacitors in Fingrid’s 400 kV grid to strenghten the power transmission capacity in northern Finland and to assure power system security. The series capacitors both went on line in 2009.

The contract, comprising two turnkey series capacitor installations was awarded by Fingrid, the Finnish transmission system operator. The series capacitors are an important part of a larger grid investment package in northern Finland. These investments add transmission capacity towards neighbouring Sweden by some 200 MW, and are thereby needed to meet the rising market demand on power transmission between northern Finland and Sweden and also internally in Finland. Series capacitors enable added transmission capacity on existing power lines and help maintain grid stability in the Finnish power system.

Generally, Fingrid is facing a strong increase of investments in the Finnish power grid during the next 10 years period. The planned investments will smooth the path for European market integration and make it possible to connect new generation plants including wind power. Also, the aging of the grid is one reason to rebuild older substations and lines.

Main data  
  Asmunti Tuomela
Rated reactive power: 400 kV 400 kV
Rated reactive power: 369 Mvar 301 Mvar
Rated current per phase: 1800 A 1800 A
Overload current, 30 min: 2430 A 2430 A
Rated phase reactance: 38 Ω 31 Ω
Degree of compensation: 70% 70%
Rated ZnO varistor energy: 130 MJ/3-ph 85 MJ/3-ph