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The Higashi-Shimizu project will reinforce the connection between the 50 Hz network in Eastern Japan and the 60 Hz network in Western Japan.

The connection is expected to significantly strengthen and help develop electricity transfer and increase power reliability. It will also enhance integration of the Japanese grid.

Hitachi Energy will supply system engineering, Voltage Source Convert (VSC) technology called HVDC Light®, digital solution with well proven MACH control and protection system. Two new back-to-back blocks of 300 MW each will be built on an existing site with an existing HVDC back-to-back. There is very limited space at the site, so the new Hitachi Energy HVDC will have the smallest possible footprint. 

Interconnected power grids using a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) back-to-back systems can transfer power from one grid to another during emergencies, or exchange energy between the systems. An HVDC interconnection controls power flow, and enhances both voltage and frequency stability, which significantly increase grid reliability, and helps to prevent blackouts.

Besides controlling the power flow, it can supply reactive power and provide independent dynamic voltage control at its two terminals.

Main data
Commissioning year: 2028
Configuration: Back-to-back
Power transmitted: 600 MW
Application: Interconnecting grids