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Customer Success Story

Reference Hamilton

The Hagfors SVC Light: a world first

Since 1984, DOFASCO inc, Hamilton, Ontario have operated a Static Var Compensator (SVC) delivered by Hitachi Energy in their No. 2 Hot Strip Mill. The rated load of the Hot Strip Mill thyristor converters is approximately 50 MW (70.000 hp). The SVC which has a dynamic range of 60 Mvar is connected to the 14.1 kV Finishing Mill bus.

Its purpose is to stabilize the bus voltage under the varying load conditions which occur during the running of the mill. It furthermore comprises harmonic filters tuned to the 5 th, 7 th and 11 th harmonics in order to supress harmonics generated by the thyristor converters in the rolling mill, thereby preventing these harmonics from entering into the surrounding parts of the network.

It also achieves power factor correction of the rolling mill, thereby relieving the network of reactive power burden and contributing to a decrease of the running costs of the mill.

Main data  
Commissioning year
 SVC for rolling mill  Phase 1 Extension
 Controlled voltage 14.1 kV 14.1 kV
 Overall rating 75 Mvar  48 Mvar 
 Dynamic range 60 Mvar 30 Mvar
 Controlled voltage 14.1 kV 14.1 kV
 Overall rating 75 Mvar  48 Mvar 
 Dynamic range 60 Mvar 30 Mvar
 Harmonic filtering 4.5 Mvar/5th
2.5 Mvar/7th
8 Mvar/11th
8 Mvar/5th
2.5 Mvar/7th
8 Mvar/11th
Control system  3-phase symmetrical open-loop reactive power control 
 SVC for ladle furnace  
 Controlled voltage  14.1 kV
 Dynamic range  35 Mvar 
 Harmonic filtering  25 Mvar/3rd 
10 Mvar/5th
 Control system
 Phase-wise, open loop reactive power control plus 3-phase symmetrical closed loop reactive power control