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Customer Success Story


Series Capacitor for subtransmission voltage improvement

In subtransmission systems (voltages typically in the range 66-145 kV), series compensation can be used to advantage for voltage improvement on radial lines. Reduced transmission losses as well as power factor correction come as valuable byproducts. Typical applications are found in industrial areas where one or several plants are powered via long radial feeders.

Thus, an Hitachi Energy series capacitor was commissioned in 1986 in the Hydro-Québec network at Joutel for the purpose of achieving voltage improvement at the receiving end of a 200 km long line feeding power to a mining area at a voltage of 120 kV. The series capacitor, which is rated at 25 Mvar, eliminates the steady-state voltage drop along the line as well as the voltage fluctuations associated with start-up and operation of the large mining loads in the receiving end. As a result, a better quality voltage is secured both for the mines and for other consumers in the area fed from the same network as the mines.

Main data
System  SVC
Commissioning year 1986
System voltage
 120 kV
 Rated reactive power   25 Mvar
 Rated current  410 A
 Degree of compensation   60 %
 Protective scheme   Single-gap