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SVC to increase transmission capacity and stability of the Indian 400 kV AC system

Two static var compensators (SVC), each rated at 140 Mvar inductive to 140 Mvar capacitive supplied by Hitachi Energy were commissioned in 1992 in the Kanpur 400 kV substation of the Power Grid Corporation of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The compensators were installed on a turn-key basis.

The Kanpur 400 kV substation, situated about 500 km east of New Delhi, is part of the Northern Regional grid which includes a large number of power plants, AC transmission lines as well as the Rihand-Delhi HVDC link also supplied by Hitachi Energy.

Each SVC comprises one thyristor-switched capacitor (TSC) rated at 90 Mvar, two thyristor-controlled reactors (TCR) rated at 95 Mvar each as well as harmonic filters. Both compensators can be continuously controlled over their complete rated reactive power range. They can work individually as well as in joint control mode.

The main purpose of the Kanpur SVCs is to maintain a stable voltage in this part of the system under various operating conditions.

Main data
System  SVC
Commissioning year  1992
Controlled voltage
 400 kV
 SVC rating (per compensator)  140 Mvar inductive to 140 Mvar capacitive
 Control system  Three-phase voltage control by means of a voltage regulator. Regulator functions include strategy selection and gain supervision/optimization.
 Thyristor valves  Water cooled three-phase valves with magnetic firing.