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Customer Success Story

Murray Gill & Gordon Evans

SVCs enable increased use of low-cost power generation

Since 1986, Kansas Gas and Electric Co. (KG&E) of Wichita has operated two static var compensators (SVC), delivered by Hitachi Energy, at the Murray Gill and Gordon Evans 138 kV substations in the Wichitha area.

The compensators, having a combined dynamic rating of 500 Mvar, were delivered on a turn-key basis.

Power is being transmitted to the Wichita region over a distance of 100 miles from the Wolf Creek nuclear power station by means of two 345 kV lines. The purpose of the compensators is to stabilize the voltage of the 138 kV system around Wichita during various network conditions, including major disturbances such as loss of either of the 345 kV feeding lines. 

Main data  
  Murray Gill Gordon Evans
Controlled voltage  138 kV 138 kV
Dynamic rating 25 Mvar inductive to 200 Mvar capacitive 0 to 300 Mvar capacitive
Control system 3-phase voltage control by means of a voltage regulator
Thyristor valves Water-cooled 3-phase valves with magnetic triggering