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Customer Success Story

The municipal utility of Weinheim uses Hitachi Energy's innovative substation automation

The Stadtwerke Weinheim GmbH* entrusted Hitachi Energy with the modernization of the secondary technology of their 110/20kV AIS substation Tullastrasse.

The substation automation system provides the customer with:

  • Innovative and flexible migration concept for the stepwise modernization during continuous operation
  • Compact and economical retrofit solution based on the IEC 61850 standard
  • REC 670 bay control IED with multi-object technology and RTU 560 with integrated HMI for local operation
  • Communication to the network control system via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol for reliable remote control and monitoring

The system configuration used is based on the RTU 560 as station unit as well as the bay control IEDs of the new IED 670 product family. Apart from the communication to the network control center, the RTU 560 assumes further central tasks within the station. A web-based local operator workplace is realized via its integrated HMI and allows local control and monitoring of the substation. In addition to the network connection of the new bay control IEDs via IEC 61850, it provides for the parallel integration of remaining parts of the station, e. g. the transformer tapchanger and Petersen coil controller. Within the compact and space-saving solution, each four switchgear bays are reliably controlled by one REC 670 bay control unit. For remote diagnosis and service purposes, a second Ethernet-based communication was established.


The demanding remit of the Stadtwerke Weinheim GmbH for this retrofit project was optimally solved through the flexible migration concept, most modern products and the consistent implementation of the IEC 61850 standard. The integration of the entire functionality in few hardware components leads to a significantly simplified system structure. Through the multi-object technology of the REC 670 IEDs, each one such device can reliably control four switchgear bays. Moreover, the flexibility of the bay control IEDs of the IED 670 family facilitates the future homogenous extension with respect to additional functionalities.


  • High availability of local as well as remote control and monitoring
  • Compact solution for reliable control with one bay control IED for four switchgear bays
  • Easy and smooth transition to the most modern technologies based on IEC 61850
  • Minimal service interruption
  • Extensibility of the bay level with additional functionality
  • Sustainable migration strategy with flexibility for selective modernization and future extension

About the customer

The Stadtwerke Weinheim GmbH supplies the population, industry and commerce in the town of Weinheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg/ Germany, and its remaining supply area with energy and drinking water. It also operates supply networks for natural gas and local heat as well as an indoor swimming pool. A consistent automation concept for the entire municipal network shall be implemented step-by-step. Futureoriented, international standards supporting and sustaining the desired system solution for the entire supply area shall safeguard the investments in the long term.

Customer statement

Harald Fath, Head of the Electricity supply department of the municipal utility Stadtwerke Weinheim, says: “For the replacement of the old telecontrol and substation control systems, we require a scalable, economical and sustainable solution for the automation of our power supply network. We wish to have a consistent concept that encompasses the integration of small stations up to and including the equipment of key nodes in our distribution network with the most modern protection and control technology”.

Main data

The substation Tullastrasse was built in 1983 and is the only infeed to the municipal network. Thus, its highest availability and reliability are a must. The existing secondary equipment based on programmable logic controllers is technically obsolete and must be replaced. In addition, the link to the network control center shall be upgraded to the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The installed protection devices are to be kept for the time being, however their future replacement and integration with the substation automation system shall be easy to realize. The migration must warrant a smooth transition during continuous operation and the simultaneous change-over from parallel process connections to an IEC 61850-based network technology. A minimum of alterations to the switchgear, extremely limited space and a short timeframe are further project requirements.