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The Valhall field platforms
Customer Success Story


Undersea link lowers emissions and brings reliable power to offshore oil field.

For BP Norway, Hitachi Energy has built converter stations for an HVDC Light® power link that stretches from the Norwegian shore to the Valhall oil and gas field in the North Sea, a distance of 292 km. It is part of BP's Valhall redevelopment project.

Hitachi Energy was responsible for system engineering, including design and supply of the HVDC Light® converter stations. Gas turbines generating power on the Valhall platform complex were replaced by a 292-kilometer HVDC Light® cable link that supplies 78 MW of power from the Norwegian mainland to meet the field's electricity needs.

The existing Valhall complex consists of five bridge-linked platforms. These facilities are subject to reservoir compaction resulting in seabed subsidence, and as a result water depth on site has increased by about 5 meters. Based on wave consideration and operation of the original facilities, it was decided in 2009 to replace the production and compression platform and the living quarters platform with a new facility. The HVDC Light® converter is placed on this new platform. This is the first time HVDC has been used to supply an entire offshore 60 Hz AC power system.

Power-from-shore is not only cost efficient, but has the added advantage of saving space and weight on the platform. The offshore solution also requires less maintenance than the conventional solution using gas turbines to generate power. Last but not least, power-from-shore systems contribute to a safer working environment on the platform, as well as reducing emissions.

Hitachi Energy has 100% of all world's HVDC power-from-shore projects in operation. Statoil’s Troll A 1&2, delivered in 2005, BP’s Valhall, delivered in 2011, Troll A 3&4, delivered in 2015 and Equinor's Johan Sverdrup, delivered in 2018. All are located in the North Sea.

Main data
Commissioning year:


Configuration: Asymmetrical monopole

Power transmitted:

78 MW

Direct voltage:

0 kV to -150 kV


Power from shore