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The environmental requirements and aspirations of companies are shifting, with new ambitions to decarbonize their operations and footprint. Environmental impact from raw materials and suppliers as well as the impact throughout the lifespan of the products and services are becoming an integral part of a company responsibility.

In this Webinar we look at the decarbonization options and opportunities in the electrical sector and how these align with the UN sustainable development goals. We present an overview of the environmental impact of Hitachi Energy business across the supply chain and how we enable decarbonization for our customers and shape the future of sustainable energy. We use concrete examples on circular economy, improved efficiency and sustainable materials to show the impact on the decarbonization effects.


Adrian Timbus

Head of Portfolio Management, ABB Power Grids


Adrian Timbus is the Head of Portfolio at Hitachi Energy. He has been with the company since 2007, where he has focused on helping to solve what he regards as one of humanity’s biggest challenges – sustainable energy.

He has contributed to this quest by helping to develop and implement strategic solutions across the renewables and power systems sectors, including system design, control, automation and digitalization and grid integration.

Adrian Timbus received his masters and doctoral degree from Aalborg University in Denmark and has co-authored more than 40 technical papers and 7 patents in the field of renewable energy and smart grids.

Johanna Flood

Head of Environment, Hitachi Energy



Johanna Flood is Global Head of Environment, Hitachi Energy. She has responsibility for setting the environmental part of the Sustainability strategy for Hitachi Energy globally to shape the future of sustainable energy.

Johanna first joined Hitachi Energy in 2015. She brings experience in sustainability strategy, communications, management systems, environmental management and carbon accounting. Johanna has also driven a significant life cycle assessment (LCA) on the environmental impact of HVDC Light® which breaks newgrounds  andgives the business a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact and benefits from HVDC transmissions.

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