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RelCare | Digital Customer Event

Master a new way to do maintenance

The only maintenance management solution designed by substation users, for substation users.

RelCare ensures the safety, security and sustainability of crucial power assets to increase the long-term efficiency and reliability of your energy.

Join the event to find out how you can use RelCare for your own substation needs.

The world around us is changing - and so are our demands for power.

With digital transformation, remote working, safety and cybersecurity becoming a greater focus for organizations around the world, it’s more critical than ever to sustain and maintain power sources.

Whilst many substation managers continue to apply a time-based or even a run-to-failure approach to maintaining their grid connection, there are new, pioneering solutions that apply advanced maintenance methods to improve the overall system reliability and uptime.

RelCare is the maintenance management solution that puts the control back in the hands of substation operators. It identifies system vulnerabilities in order to minimize risk, optimize efficiency and boost safety.

Through a combination of management expertise and real-time digital evaluations, RelCare enables a smarter, safer and more sustainable way to do maintenance.

What you’ll discover

During this live virtual event, we’ll be joined by Hitachi Energy’ top experts who will uncover how RelCare will empower O&M managers to improve their grid reliability, sustainability and efficiency.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Combine situational awareness with human expertise and adopt advanced maintenance programs.
  • Identify and highlight risks and vulnerabilities in your substation.
  • Protect your assets and the people that work on them with accessible, step-by-step operational support.
  • Guide your team with best practices based on 250 years of combined industry knowledge

Sign up for the event today, and discover a game-changing, new approach to substation maintenance.

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Wolfgang Mueller

Senior Vice President Service
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Our ambition is to complement asset owners and operators around the world with tailored, fully digitalized solutions as their trusted lifecycle partner.

Wolf has 25 years of Service business experience in the power industry, covering every area in the field. He is passionate about lasting customer partnerships and purposeful innovation that supports a sustainable energy future.

Wolf holds a master´s degree in mechanical engineering from Tech University in Braunschweig, Germany.

Remi Doutriaux

Head of Marketing and Sales, Service Solutions
Hitachi Energy

Remi Doutriaux is a global business developer of connected services and operation & maintenance services.

Over the last 20 years, Remi has been leading service businesses in T&D and IT, creating business value for technology and industrial asset owners. He leads the development of a digital service portfolio, helping customers optimize their assets' availability and reliability.

Mercedes Jul

Head of Product Management and Strategy, Service Solutions
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Mercedes brings some 15 years of energy industry experience from various roles in Hitachi Energy as well as with independent power producers, including managing wind farms, and has also led energy advisory teams at DNV GL and KPMG. She focuses on combining knowledge of regulatory, economic, sustainability, commercial and technical aspects to define an innovative and pioneering strategy and product portfolio aligned with customer needs and the transformation that the sector is undergoing.

She holds a bachelor of science degree in physics from Santiago de Compostela University, Spain, and a master of science degree in energy and sustainability from Vigo University, Spain.

Andreas Vollmer

Global Product Manager, Digital Innovation
Hitachi Energy

Andreas has more than 20 years’ experience in sales and project management within the power and telecommunications industries, including leading multinational sales and project management teams to deliver service projects for high voltage equipment worldwide. His work focuses on delivering operational excellence and driving efficiency through the leadership of motivated, competent professional teams in order to achieve business goals.

Andreas has a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico and a master’s degree in science of administration from Central Michigan University, where he focused on international administration.

Maciej Kuczyński

Global Sales Specialist, Service Solutions
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Maciej has over 15 years of engineering and business experience in industry and infrastructure operational technology area.

When working for Ernst & Young and Accenture he used to collaborate with world leading companies digitalizing their business models and operations.He is passionate about servitization, asset performance management and industrial diagnostics.

Maciej holds a PhD degree in industrial automation from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

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