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Pioneering ETRM: How we add value to enhance your value
By Hugo Stappers
04-05-2021 | 4 min read

While we are having fun doing it, we do not create our C/ETRM software for ourselves, we do it to help our customers getting their job done: energy/commodity trading and risk management. The core of being a next generation C/ETRM supplier, is that we bring value to either reduce their pain, or to enable them to gain, i.e. take on new activities they could not do before. However, the C/ETRM system has no value unless the customer uses it. Integrating his resources, skills, knowledge with those of our C/ETRM is when value is created. What we are after is not a better product but a better customer: How we add value to enhance your value!

The 2021 Energy Risk Software Survey listed Hitachi Energy in 28 #1 rankings, including Best Front office software, Best Middle office software, Best Energy operations software, Ease of Using the system, and Best Cloud-based system. However, as a company we engage with customers on the basis that value is only created with them, not for them, that is the best medicine only helps when the patient plays his part.  In doing so, value is realized, and the customer is getting what he wants to help him to get the job done.

Below are some examples where Hitachi Energy’s TRMTracker C/ETRM system either relieve the client – from tasks he doesn’t want to do, reduce cost and risk, or doing things more easy and efficiently – or, enable him to achieve goals or perform tasks that he would not achieve otherwise.

Higher Productivity

  • TRMTracker can automate the trade life cycle, streamlining business operations and reduce workload, because it provides integrated front-to-back functionality supporting automated workflow processing.
  • TRMTracker connects to external 3rd party system and Trading Platforms, like exchanges, because it includes embedded middleware, supporting modern integration formats such as REST API webservices.
  • TRMTracker enables users to easily create reports with minimal training, because it provides the powerful and popular proprietary Excel Add-in module that allows to create reports in Excel and deploy them back into TRMTracker as native reports.
  • TRMTracker optimizes workflows in the back office and supports advanced automation such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) because the settlement functionality is highly configurable to capture rule-based invoice processing that therefore can receive the full benefits of RPA.

User Satisfaction

  • TRMTracker facilitates a positive user experience and user system adoption because of its modern look ‘n feel that is designed to focus on the end-user with intuitive navigation and usability features.
  • TRMTracker reduces data entry in the front office because it provides a repository of smart Deal Templates that can be set up by the user and that are pre-populated for product trades including necessary pricing or cost formulas, so that only the minimum amount of data needs to be keyed in, such as price and delivery period.
  • TRMTracker establishes a single source of data facilitating data analysis, because of ease of integration with other systems as well as innovative reporting capabilities, such as user-created reports in Power BI that can be used within TRMTracker using al the drill-in functionalities.

Future Proof System

  • TRMTracker adapts to evolving business operation processes because it offers highly configurable and extendable functionality.
  • TRMTracker scales as volume increases or operations grow because it employs scalable multi-tier web-based client/server architecture.
  • TRMTracker supports phased-approach implementations because it is available as Enterprise and Non-Enterprise/Software-as-a-Service version with easy migration ability.

Peace of Mind

  • TRMTracker mitigates risk by keeping taps on market risk, credit risk, and operational risk because it provides a “live” integrated system that can capture and configure your risk policy, and subsequently report critical impacts to the position in near real-time, for immediate action, while notifying decisionmakers when limits are reached. (Risk is never a problem, if you manage it, otherwise it is a problem)
  • TRMTracker unburdens IT and lowers cost because it offers deployment options including remote hosting and Software-as-a-Service subscriptions.
  • TRMTracker protects your data and data access because it employs username/password access with two-factor authentication and utilizes an action-based security model to the system’s capabilities and business objects.
  • TRMTracker ensures compliance with regulatory reporting because it includes reporting capability for such regulations as REMIT, EMIR, and MIFID2.

With Hitachi Energy as a partner, companies can reinvent themselves, transforming traditional business models and accelerating growth. In co-creating value together with our customers, leveraging our 21st‑century platform, positions Hitachi Energy as a true pioneer of the new C/ETRM era.

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Hugo Stappers
Global Sales Leader

Hugo Stappers is a global sales leader, in Energy Portfolio Management at Hitachi Energy. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales management, business development, and sales support roles in technology companies. Hugo helps energy industry decision makers understand the options for energy market intelligence services and commercial energy operations software that can enable organizations to maximize operational value and mitigate risk. You can connect with him at LinkedIn.

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