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Summer reading: Tanking Inspiration
By Hugo Stappers
11-08-2022 | 2 min read

When customers tell you that your software has been an eye-opening solution for their business, you feel the urge to tell others and give them an opportunity to experience the same. Investing in a modern C/ETRM system will help not only surviving but succeeding in today’s disruptive business world. With this summer heating up, here is an opportunity to learn about some cool compelling new insights: Tanking Inspiration!

Whether it is the energy or the commodity market, they reflect a 21st century business climate of on-going and fast change. High prices and market changes are the main reasons for the latest turmoil. Your current playbook does not help protect your current business, nor does it succeed in getting you into new ones. Investing in a modern C/ETRM system will support your new playbook for not just surviving but succeeding in today’s disruptive business world.

This eBook takes you on a journey along some compelling topics for your information, guidance and inspiration:

  • Energy markets: Tackling the need for speed with EPM
  • Managing non-energy commodities to enable the energy transition
  • Trading in a renewable energy market
  • Pioneering ETRM: How we add value to enhance your value
  • Charging ahead: Battery storage in energy trading
  • ETRM put wind in the sales of renewable asset owners

“Pioneering Views Volume IV”, a page turner for those who lead the way.

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Hugo Stappers
Global Sales Leader

Hugo Stappers is a global sales leader, in Energy Portfolio Management at Hitachi Energy. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales management, business development, and sales support roles in technology companies. Hugo helps energy industry decision makers understand the options for energy market intelligence services and commercial energy operations software that can enable organizations to maximize operational value and mitigate risk. You can connect with him at LinkedIn.

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