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Features Lodz, Poland 25-10-2023

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Hitachi Energy supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pink transformer

In honor of Pink October, the transformer factory in Lodz, Poland, produced an unusual transformer specially colored for Stoen Operator. The transformer not only provides a reliable energy supply for thousands of households but now also lends support to local breast cancer awareness initiatives.

Did you know that worldwide approximately 1.7 million breast cancer cases are diagnosed every year? In Poland, this constitutes about 23 percent of all cancer diagnoses1. For many years, October has been recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, popularly known as 'Pink October', to advocate for preventative measures against the disease. This year, Hitachi Energy, has supported this initiative by producing a transformer in pink, the color associated with the ribbon symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. Hitachi Energy has worked in collaboration with Stoen Operator, a Warsaw grid operator serving more than one million customers in the capital city, to mark the occasion.

Hitachi Energy's Lodz campus is an advanced research and manufacturing center with a long history and proven track record of delivering thousands power and distribution transformers to customers globally - including power plants, data centers and wind farms. Transformers are pivotal components in electrical power systems, playing a fundamental role in electrification and energy transformation.

To remain consistent with the ribbon symbol and the pink color associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hitachi Energy has produced in their Polish Transformers factory in Lodz, a unique 630 kiloVolt-Amperes (kVA) distribution transformer colored in pink, to support the cause. The company has been actively engaged in supporting local communities for many years, and this time, a portion of the profits from the sale of the transformer will be donated to the 'Lodz Amazon Club' – an association of breast cancer survivors who serve as a support group and advocate for cancer prevention.

“We are honored to contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, support local communities and foster the well-being of our employees. We are proud to join up with Stoen Operator on this noble idea. This initiative also serves as a testament to the impact of business partnerships and collaboration – in this case, for a special and worthy cause”, says Mateusz Kowalczykiewicz, Dry, Distribution and Traction Transformers Operations Manager in Europe at Hitachi Energy.

This unique pink transformer will be installed at one of Stoen Operator's branches in Warsaw.

This unique pink transformer will be installed at one of Stoen Operator's branches in Warsaw.

This initiative with Hitachi Energy holds significance beyond business. While the energy sector is traditionally reputed to be male dominated, our organization, Stoen Operator, proudly employs many women. By presenting this transformer in such a symbolic color, we express our commitment in supporting our female colleagues not just in their professional endeavors but also in their personal journey. We extend our gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this project.

Tomasz Żuraw

Director of Network Services at Stoen Operator