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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 04-09-2020

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Luigi Lonoce, Switzerland

I am proud to be Power Grids because we contribute to a better society, wherein the people and the environment are just as important as doing business

"I am part of the core team who developed and released Grid-eMotion Fleet, the game-changer solution for large-scale EV Charging launched recently. We firmly believe that this solution will not only accelerate the global uptake of safe, sustainable and smart transport, but will also make e-mobility greener, charging more EVs with less infrastructure and smaller environmental footprint. I am proud of the work done by this cross-functional team as we literally put our hearts into Grid-eMotion Fleet.

Multi-cultural environment and diversity of opinion,—are the two aspects I like most about my job! I am surrounded by people from different nationalities and diverse cultures which share a passion for the future energy transformation and a commitment to pursuing environmental values. We believe that focusing even more on diversity will allow Power Grids to boost more innovation and business growth. This is what true #Diversity360 is about.  

Our remarkable approach to innovation

Power Grids is a company with a long experience and widespread knowledge in systems design. Our system engineering mindset appears largely in our offering to power industry, as we tend to design, manage and optimise complex solutions which requires multi-disciplinary skills. From pioneering HVDC technology to smart charging infrastructure of EV fleets.

After more than 12 years in this company, I am still inspired from how we repetitively applying this system-focused approach to finally managing real world changing issues.

Hitachi is focusing its capital on the power grids--the area where changes are occurring the most, and investing in digital, green and sustainable answers to today’s problems.

I am confident that within Hitachi we’ll keep developing and applying our solutions to a more sustainable mobility that meets people's needs and matches local contexts, in a comprehensive manner. I really look forward to it."


Luigi works as a Global Product Specialist, Transportation. He is part of the core team who developed and released Grid-eMotion Fleet, the game-changer solution for large-scale EV charging launched last July 15, 2020.