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Customer Success Story

Modern mining – A way to CO2-free production

Hitachi Energy’s experts have collaborated with Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB), the international high-tech mining and mineral group, on a joint vision to create the next generation of sustainable mines.

LKAB have enlisted the support of Hitachi Energy’s consulting experts who bring a strong background in advising companies around the world on decisions and issues related to power and energy. The global technology leader has conducted a strategic analysis around the long and short-term measures required by LKAB to fulfil their vision. 

  • Targeting expanded production capacity and reduced CO2 footprint, without proportionally increasing energy consumption

  • Focus on reduced CO2-emissions from mining operation, leading to increased electrification (e.g. battery-powered mining machinery)

  • Need for energy optimization in the power system

  • More complex power system drives the need for new analysis methods

  • Need for fact-based decision-making to optimize operations

  • Contributions to strategy development and implementation plan

  • Development of a complete model of the current power system 

  • Energy losses analysis and reduction, implementation of electrification, energy storage and microgrids, resiliency of power supply, etc

  • Model-based input to support the decision-making process

  • Support in developing internal competency at LKAB in using deployed model 

  • A new analysis and planning framework for future power systems development

  • Future electrical infrastructure excelenting in safety and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

  • New insights on the way to CO2-free mining

Main data
Customer LKAB, Sweden
Commissioning year: 2020