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SVCs for load balancing and trackside voltage control

A total of seven Hitachi Energy Static Var Compensators (SVC) have been supplied to High-Speed 1 (HS 1), a 108 km high-speed rail line between London and the Channel tunnel at Dover which was formerly known as the Channel tunnel rail link (CTRL). With this link in operation, it is possible to travel between London and Paris in just over two hours at a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

Similarly, the link reduces travel time between London and Brussels to about two hours.

The railway system is designed for frequent operating of high speed trains but also for slower freight and commuter traffic. Modern trains may have power ratings in the range of 10 MW, thus the power feeding system must be designed for large fluctuating loads. The traction feeding system is a modern direct supply of 50 Hz, 2x25 kV voltage. An auto transformer scheme is used, giving a low voltage drop along the traction lines. Direct transformation from the power grid via transformers connected between two phases is used.

Each one of three traction feeding points between London and the Channel Tunnel is supported by Static Var Compensators. Six of these SVCs are mainly for voltage support and the seventh is for load balancing.

Main data
System 7 SVCs 
Commissioning year: 2000-2002
Rated voltage 25 kV/1-phase and 33 kV/3-phase 
Rated power  -5/+40 Mvar  to -80/+170 Mvar
SVC purposes Dynamic voltage support and Dynamic load balancing