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Technologies d’avant-garde

Notre esprit pionnier et notre engagement envers l’innovation

We are technology leaders at the forefront of evolving the world’s future energy system. Our innovative technologies help to increase access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy that’s vital for society to prosper and progress. Consumers needs and lifestyles are also evolving, and our forward-looking technologies help to make the energy system more resilient, secure and safe.

Electricity will be the backbone of the carbon-neutral future and together, with customers and partners, we are co-creating solutions that are helping to accelerate the energy transition. Customers count on our technologies to help them to integrate huge volumes of renewable energy into the world’s grids and manage increasingly levels of complexity; and our technologies are also instrumental to the electrification of transportation, industry and smart life sectors.

Recognized as pioneers for more than a century, we bring a mindset of anticipating future needs to ensure that customers succeed in their goals. We believe that diversity plus collaboration results in great innovation. As we drive towards a carbon-neutral future, our teams are continuously innovating and inspire action to deliver economic, environmental and social value for generational impact.

L’électricité est un préalable fondamental à la progression humaine. Aujourd’hui, d’énormes défis sociétaux se dressent devant nous. En effet, on s’attend à ce que la population mondiale atteigne  9,7 milliards d'individus d’ici 2050, entraînant une augmentation rapide de la demande d’électricité, alors que déjà plus d’un milliard de personnes ne disposent d’aucun accès fiable à celle-ci. En parallèle, il faut trouver des solutions innovantes pour réduire notre empreinte de carbone dans le monde. Toutefois, l’acheminement de l’électricité là où il le faut – de façon abordable, fiable, durable et moderne – nécessite les compétences appropriées ainsi qu’un engagement envers l’innovation afin de surmonter les complexités.

Gerhard Salge, Chef principal de la technologie

Record-breaking technologies

Nordlink HVDC Interconnection

Enabling the exchange of renewable energy between Norway and Germany with the world’s longest international HVDC VSC interconnector.

Image of Nordlink High Voltage connector line of Norway and Germany

Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Connecting the world’s largest offshore windfarm to 6 million homes in the UK, using high-voltage direct current (HVDC).

HVDC Transmission link of Offshore Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Oman Electricity Transmission Company

One of the first utility communication networks to be based on Quantum-Safe end-to-end encryption for cybersecurity.

Oman flag with utility power lines

Cordova Electric Cooperative

Moving towards energy autonomy in Cordova, Alaska with a hybrid microgrid solution utilizing renewable sources and battery energy storage system (BESS).

Changji-Guquan UHVDC Link

Interlinking China’s grid to bring clean power to 12 million people using the world’s most powerful UHVDC converter transformer – 1,100 kV.

Inside Ultra High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) line facility in China by Hitachi Energy

North-East Agra UHVDC Link

Transmitting clean hydroelectric power supply to 90 million people in India with the world’s first multi-terminal UHVDC (800kV) transmission link.

Inside the control of India's first multi-terminal UHVDC transmission link

GIS Substation

Located in the heart of Zurich, the first high voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) installation with eco-efficient gas mixture.

Inside a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) substation in Switzerland

Sutong Project Transmission Line

Transmitting power from West to East China using the world’s first UHV Gas-Insulated Line (GIL) under the Yangtze River.

Location in China Sutong project transmission line

SIMCOA Operations

Improving human and environmental safety with the world’s first internal power transformer robotic inspection service in Australia. 

Submersible robotic technology offers a safer way to inspect transformers at SIMCOA Australia

Topacio, Equatorial Guinea

We introduced the world’s first commercial subsea transformer – power transmission, operational since 1999.

Subsea transformer at Equatorial Guinea

Case Studies

Learn more about how Hitachi Energy is working with customers and partners to deliver flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions across the energy system.

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